Twinkle lights…why oh why…

This is the post excerpt.


Fairy lights on a tree glittering away

Massive ships alight far far away

A diamond sparkling in the orange glow

Galaxies in the midnight sky so show

Fluorescence in the deep violet sea

Merriment reflected in eyes full of glee

My thoughts twinkle like these bewitching lights

Emerging from my deep conscience thrusting sleep aside

Oh to capture them like fireflies in a jar

Else vanish they will, world loses a glowing star….

Write I must

So thoughts don’t gather dust

Or fade away

Instead metamorphose


Riveting words, that will ever sway

#Anecdote 505…dress distress !

Another party to attend…a shelf full of floaty, dreamy, soft hued, light as clouds, classy chiffons, breezy cottons, magnificent velvets await. Proud and dainty the party frocks sit, ready to weave their spell, spread their cinderella dust. 
A shelf which dilates my pupils with pleasure

A shelf which has her’s open wide with horror 
“Tops and pants/jeans and t shirt maa?” my elf pleads with me every single time. Usually i give in, her huge enchanting doe eyes framed by that delicate bone structure renders me helpless…
Today the dresses beckon me. Like impatient princesses locked up in their ivory tower, they decide to charm me witless. With musical bewitching whispers they fill my eyes with a vision. A heart stopping lovely dimpled smile, careless tresses, fine angled, lean elf swathed in glorious frills…blossoming shoulders, nipped at the waist, voluminous flowing streams of lace….a vision in white…a vision of dazzling delight ! 
Bewitched, i decide to use my weapon, the evil weapon we mother’s posess (i fear to name it, deadly as it is!)
When jiyaa in all her innocence comes to get dressed, i unleash it upon her. 
“You may go to the party, only if you wear this dress” i say with cold determined eyes (enamoured by the vision) 
Her pleas fall on deaf ears. Her brimming tears fail to melt the evil heart. Helpless in the face of her mother’s authority, scared to face my ire and the ringing cheerful sounds of the upcoming party in her blood…she acquiesces
As i sow…so shall i reap…
I spend the entire party watching her in growing distress and guilt…
I watch as she trips, cannot jump, climb and fly with her usual ease, cannot sit with her legs splayed. I watch my usually vivacious, free as a bird, flying with all her spiritedness elf reduced to a dress adjsuting, misery etched, bowed under the weight of those snooty frills, valiantly attempting to join in the fun. Her eyes dull and cheerless, her rose bud mouth drooped and little worry lines between those fragile brows
My evil heart plummets and crashes against my glittering heels. The enamoured fog lifts from my eyes. 
My vision of delight is simply my own. My vision of what i want my daugher to be, how i want her to look, and what i want her to achieve is to be taken apart piece by piece and crumpled to bits that fly off with the wise wind. 
To be replaced by a vision of her own. Of what lifts her soul, of what sets her free, of what makes her breathe…of what makes her truly live
A vision of her own delight !
The shelf may catch dust. The dresses may fade to yellowed versions of themselves. Unless or untill they become part of her own aspirations….
But my elf shall not be bound or bowed down by my enforced dreams and ideals. A constant chant this shall be…drowning all the voices in my head…beguiled by my own desires..
A determined effort to feel her through her own eyes shall be my motherhood song…
Can’t to be too tough…considering i am in awe of those 

crystal clear, 

oh so dear, 

beautiful, child wise, 

elf eyes…❤️
~Arohi ✨

Be your own magic….! 

Today my elf, my little daughter is dressed up as little red riding hood…fairytale day at school…a school swarming with characters that fascinated our young minds….captivated and shaped them…
She swishes her velvet red skirt to the left, shy eyes peeking under her flashing red cape, soft brown hair resting in curls under her ears….and she is little red (damsel in distress) riding hood..
She swishes her ruffled velvet to the right…cape falls off revealing shiny brown tresses, head held high, eyes proud…and she is the fiesty cruel snow queen…
A swish here and a swish there…a thought flits here and an emotion flits there…and within a snap of our fingers…our character changes…
I wake up in the morning…the very first thought cloud descends upon me..either it sits like a weight on my chest…or makes me feel the ruffled breeze of freedom…
I look in the mirror…drawn eyes..shadows…forehead creased…not a colour blushes the cheek…i walk with hunched shoulders…not even a slice of hope or joy permeates this thick skin of doom…the world perceives me similarly…it ends up being a doomed day
I look in the mirror…sparkling eyes…golden curls flirting with all my soft facial corners…smile mischievous…swirling dress…heels…i shall be the centre of attention today…the universe concedes…not a single eye can stay off me…im the belle of the ball…the highlight of everyones day
I look in the mirror…chin up…eyes clear…shoulders squared…i imagine my sceptre by my side and a crown on my proud forehead…i shall conquer the world today…the stance does the trick…every job moves smoothly efficient…even the heavens cant stop or fault with me today…
We are exactly what we wish to be…we are what our minds are conditioning us to be…..every single minute of every single day..
And the world mirrors us…our life mirrors us…
Today my mind decides to be a swash buckling heroine, tomorrow a miserable damsel in distress…
And the universe accordingly provides the grand stage…and all the accompanying characters
So if i wish for good…positive…exciting…fantastic things to fall my way…its time i trained my mind and in effect myself to imbibe the same traits and reflect them out…dazzlingly… to this “willing to soak and absorb to its fullest extent” universe…
Be your own magic Arohi, i keep telling myself…it is you alone who can change your life’s trajectory….
And watch the enchantment unfold…nothing short of a fairytale…❤️
~Arohi ✨

When death closely walked by….

Every once in a while…something happens…an event which shakes the very core…building up from the heart, its rumblings spread at a furious rate by the rushing blood…till it explodes in the head, leaving a bright white light.

..the light…
I look up at the night sky…just me and the dark velvet universe…..my window sill feels cold, leaving sharp marks on my soft skin…for once it feels good, i dig in deeper….it distracts from the welts striking my insides
not even a wisp of a cloud obscures the twinkling stars…
Yet tonight i notice…a few have faded…maybe into oblivion…never to return…their lights failing to reach my human eyes…
The event…spells to me in black and white…how unpredictable my breathing is, life is….here today, gone tomorrow…a twinkling light today, lost to the darkness tomorrow…
Yes we are all hurtling towards the inevitable…towards dust…towards death…
Am i being morbid ? Actually not…
This frighteningly clear wave of realisation actually makes me want to…..LIVE 
How ironical that death should be the white light of realisation…The clarity of how precious each moment breathed is…
Im standing under this soothing surreal night sky….where all is calm…fiercely holding close to my chest..this life and all its gifts….not to posses or imprison…, but to cherish, to treasure….
“Live in the present Arohi, live in the now”…the pretty stars twinkle in unison and sing to me from above….”free of shadows of the past, free of uncertainties that the future may cast”
I am smiling through my tears now..the moon smiles back…..a part of it in shadows…..bittersweet…
For death will strike its hand, unannounced, 

A will to feel, breathe and revel in every moment is what counts
As i draw my curtains and walk back into my fragile warm world, to my soul’s lights…i can hear the night stars singing off their last song…before lulling us into deep sleep…
“Live some more arohi

Love some more

Take delight in what exists 

People and moments who your soul lift

We gift to you this precious lore…”
~Arohi ✨

Some of us are wanderers….

Some of us are wanderers….

Under pale blue skies 

Under the bright moon rise 

On days of ethereal highs

On days when the devil overhead flies 

Like an unstopped stream we flow 

Glide over peebles…catching snippets of their lore

A twirl, a skip, a bound…no weeds under our feet grow 

We ebb a little and in a gush we flow 

Impulse is our life’s sincere guide 

At times we flounder…yet dont hide 

As our soles weather under different tides 

Each diverse glistening sea shell…sparks our mind 

Wanderers we are….lacklustre we may seem 

As we pirouette and flex…testing different beams 

Yet if u wandered into our mind and dreams 

A shock of colours will explode in reams 

Every step of our wandering…every escapade

Adds jewels to our spirit of every shade

Creating humans so rich with every raid

Our life spreads out in an infinite braid

Some of us are wanderers…we gather no moss 

Living like may flowers…appreciating every flavour and sauce !! ❤️

Colour me chuckle (daily prompt) 

Payals falling on a cool marble floor

Favourite song playing, heart soars

Cold water splashed on a balmy face

Grainy sand runnig through fingers laced

I hear her chuckle

My lil girl, shiny shoes buckled

Dimples deepen, rosy lipes widen

Brown tresses suddenly awaken

I wish I could breathe her air

Fill my lungs with this free care

Trinkle with delight at simple ploys

Small pleasures beaded in strings of joy

Your giggles and squiggles will sketch my life 

With crayons and paints, colour me alive 

~Arohi ❤️

Frozen wait…

Anxiety….frozen lake on your chest

Green vines steadily squeezing breath

Puppet limbs…..lifeless slow

Mind in the darkest corners, wandering so

Can my burning hope set me free

Feel the vines burn to cinders in glee

Will a gleam of love light the corners 

Smoke flee with its bundle of horrors 

I know fresh vines await in the shadows

To steal up on my sunshine meadows 

Yet..seasons hop from frosty to golden hay

My rainbow awaits….at the edge of this moonless bay

Slow down my anxious quivering breath

Inhale the break of dawn, rising golden wreath 

~Arohi ❤️

I know a little girl…..

I know a little girl, with curls tamed into two long oiled plaits. A little girl who daydreamed till it confused with her reality. Who read books into the early morning mysterious hours till the lines blurred. Who sat at window sills seeing yet unseeing, building little tales around figurines going about their daily affairs. Who bought to life her mind’s characters behind the closed doors of her room. Who carried on the hum drum of daily life fueled by her wonderfully imaginative world to keep her blood pumping, nerve tingling company. 

Every single time, i cross the threshold of my maternal house, life breathes into this little girl. She tugs at my hand and shows me the sights. Through her senses, i feel, see, smell, hear and touch all that reined in her day. When she was the queen of her world and her mind. 

As i walk around, my hand trailing along walls and stairway banisters, she whispers sweet nothings, telling me about all that she was and all that is bubbling away inside of me. She urges me to do away with this self confessed worldly outer shell i have layered myself with. She begs me to let her run in my veins again. 

I am in awe of this little girl. My curls are now free of maternal plaits, yet my shoulder muscles are bunched with responsibilities. An excuse i use to free my hand of the little girls small urgent one. 

Yet…. she wont let go yet. She is my champion. A constant reminder in the form of my parents, well wishers and my lovely childhood home. She has also become fast friends with my little elf, who time and again makes me wistful with her words and deeds, yet unflavoured, at the mercy of nothing. 

Maybe…sum day….one day, as hope which dances forever…..we shall waltz together, the little girl and i…her little palm in mine, my hand on her shoulder, her’s on my waist….twirling twirling twirling, till our blurred images become one…

Here’s to the child in all of us….here’s to our wonder years dreams….may we never give up on them….❤

~Arohi ✨