Magnet ❤️

My little one had been playing with a pair of magnets all morning, courtsey a birthday party attended last evening (oh those lovely return gifts !). 

I finally showed her how adorable they looked on our otherwise staid and simple grey refrigerator. Imagine a little hedgehog and a miniature cherry tree on this silent tall (cold) sentry. I’m guessing my daughter pictured it so too. 

She then attempted (earnestly) to get me to play a new board game with her. However, hassled and harrowed with routine work, I refused and put it off to sometime later. 

An hour later, I was washing my hands at the basin when suddenly I feel her arms around my waist (she can reach there already !) with her lips on my skin. Astonished I asked her what she was doing. She looked at me, with those limpid chocolate eyes and says, “maa, my mouth is a magnet to your skin”…..

I still have goosebumps ! Picture this, dull, unspirited monotonous me and a little spirited, vivacious, adorable version stuck like a magnet to me.

I chucked my dreariness out of the window to indulge in an amusing little game with my enchanting magnet.

Time to find our magnets of love and excitement. Magnets who “magic wand” the pictures of our life. Even better, lets try and become one !


Arohi ✨


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