When the silver delicate twig

Which hangs your cheery heart 

Snaps into two halves 

Plummeting the red, with the terrible start

When the walls close in

And a heavy stone settles within

The world turns black onyx dark

Not a sliver of light, faded or stark

When eyes refuse to wake 

Mind churning soft snowflakes

Body made of iron and lead

Dead weight lying on the bed

Allow the grief to seep into every pore

Break against you like waves on a shore

Envelope you in a deathly embrace

Straighten into a body brace 

When the dark cannot get darker 

A pearl of light will grow sharper

Carry you out on clouds in flight 

Healing shadows which the heart blight 

Every grief has an eventual respite

Every good heart be saved from spite 

Till the light of day will follow the night 

Relief from anguish will have a hope bright 




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