Melodious synergy…

Unused, untuned for so long 

And now you have come along 

Running your fingers softly along my spine 

I shiver in anticipation under your touch fine

You close your eyes, tips hovering 

Impressions on my white and black keys gradually leaving 

You create a rhythm so divine 

Blood rushes to my head like lethal wine 

Rise and fall….the notes break on my shore 

Foaming and bubbling they break through my core 

Emotions roused, the world a blur

A crescendo reached, oh spectacular 

Your sweaty palms slowly culminate 

My veins throb and being quakes 

Your eyelids slowly uncover 

Maniacal vision turns sober 

As you marvel at our melodious synergy

Enraptured i lie in the symphony…you created within me….❤️





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