Soothers ❤

It was one of those nights when the quiet was claustrophobic, when sleep did not easily drown me in its inky depths, the seconds hand ticked hard in my ear, every sliver of light struck like a shard of ice. 
My head was throbbing, nausea threatening to envelop, tummy had a life of its own. I was sick to the stomach and close to devastated tears.

In the midst of my restless bed twisting, i suddenly felt my lil ones form stir. She took my hand, enclosed her lil closed palm in mine, turned around and fell asleep with my arm over her.

Sighing i settled in for a few miniutes to avoid waking her up. For a change i rested my forehead on her bony back. For a change i was the one seeking comfort. 

Before i knew it, her deep breaths, her tiny heart beats and her floral, soapy and slightly milky fragrance had lulled me into sleep. It was the most raw and basic form of soothing i have ever experienced. Her firm skin was cold marble on my feverish forehead. Her tiny fingers like smooth pebbles in a cool stream. Her slight form cuddled into mine was warm, yet magnificently alive. 

My condition did require medication at some point. Yet akin to our young selves craving our mother’s bossom or her cotton clad lap, so did my older self feel during those dark night hours. 

And this miniature version, provided it all in her innocence and tranquil elf form. As i felt her back heave and fall with each breath, each turn and twist in her spine leaving marks on my cheek, i marvelled at how one living form with just her mere presence could tranquilize a restless nauseated me. 

Its time we gave us humans, each other, more credit for curing, destressing…..for soothing…..

How a warm hug, an empathetic ear, a loving touch, a reassuring word, a kind act can heal the most tormented of souls…fairydust the pains away…

To provide and take advantage of this magical ability to heal….by just being…human…

~Arohi ✨


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