That piece of hithlain rope… ❤

This lovely piece of rope had captivated my lil one’s attention at a friends place and has now been installed in our very own (thanks to the very generous friend !)

Its a grey silver rope, water like sheen to its hue, silken to the touch, light as a feather yet sturdy as an ox. Takes me back to the elven rope in the lord of the rings…made of hithlain…mist thread…

It hangs in the middle of our room, on a stern hook. The only aerial item in the sea of things at ground level, yet neither forlorn nor lost. Knotted at regular intervals, it stands solid unswaying with breeze, yet swinging lil bodies to whooping heights. 

Every couple of hours, my cherub gloriously performs for her imaginary appreciative audience. She swings like the wind by, or twirls like a ballerina held high, or a puppet she is with strings attached, or a jungle adventure as trees blur by. 

Then one day on a whim, i decided to perform. My elf literally grows wings on it, making the idea quite fetching. 

The first time was positively nerve wrecking. I was airborne, knees curled upto my chest, hanging on to slippery silk with unaccustomed burning arms. On the swing back, i was terrorised enough to check whether i was to crashland. This after knowing the geography of my room like the back of my hand. My feet screeched on the brakes midway. 

After numerous tries, all i had to show was red angry palms and dispirited limp arms. My audience had evaporated along with my confidence and enthusiasm. 

I watched my miniature in enviable action and wondered why i couldnt. Sure she was light as a leaf and me uh well as a boulder !!…yet…i wondered…As I delighted in her euphoric facial muscles, I had my “eureka” moment.

Abandon….jiyaa swung with complete abandon….flicking off fears like ash, preconceived notions slithering off like snake skin….giving free rein to the rope, entwined in a graceful dance, every grey mound and curve now familiar to the dip and rise of her little palm. 

I relaxed my shoulders, shook off my anxiousness, chin up, curls back, palms around grey silk imagining them to be my husband’s strong secure hands and off i shot like an arrow released from a bow. 

Pure exhilaration….faces and lights twinkled by as i kissed that star in the sky…the wind my companion, the rope my guide…misty arms gliding me high…and then back to earth with a lustful sigh, the marble floor grounding feet spoilt by a few moments of weightless high…

With each swing, my arc grew wider, body weightless, as the last crust of anxiety peeled off. My eyes sparkled with glee, curls entangled yet free, lips frozen on wheeeeee…..The next day of course i couldnt even turn the steering of my car…i even willed the hand shower to come to life…yet i had finally experienced in my every fibre, the feeling of “weight off my shoulders and wind at my heels, flying off to heights unseen”…

Oh my lovely lil fiery one….i pray that you always live life with this same joyful abandon which will steer your course to unimaginable heights…may you swing higher with each silken hithlain rope…

Im putting it to practice now…baby steps to a childlike abandon…better late than never eh ☺…

~Arohi ✨


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