Some of us are wanderers….

Some of us are wanderers….

Under pale blue skies 

Under the bright moon rise 

On days of ethereal highs

On days when the devil overhead flies 

Like an unstopped stream we flow 

Glide over peebles…catching snippets of their lore

A twirl, a skip, a bound…no weeds under our feet grow 

We ebb a little and in a gush we flow 

Impulse is our life’s sincere guide 

At times we flounder…yet dont hide 

As our soles weather under different tides 

Each diverse glistening sea shell…sparks our mind 

Wanderers we are….lacklustre we may seem 

As we pirouette and flex…testing different beams 

Yet if u wandered into our mind and dreams 

A shock of colours will explode in reams 

Every step of our wandering…every escapade

Adds jewels to our spirit of every shade

Creating humans so rich with every raid

Our life spreads out in an infinite braid

Some of us are wanderers…we gather no moss 

Living like may flowers…appreciating every flavour and sauce !! ❤️


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