Melodious synergy…

Unused, untuned for so long 

And now you have come along 

Running your fingers softly along my spine 

I shiver in anticipation under your touch fine

You close your eyes, tips hovering 

Impressions on my white and black keys gradually leaving 

You create a rhythm so divine 

Blood rushes to my head like lethal wine 

Rise and fall….the notes break on my shore 

Foaming and bubbling they break through my core 

Emotions roused, the world a blur

A crescendo reached, oh spectacular 

Your sweaty palms slowly culminate 

My veins throb and being quakes 

Your eyelids slowly uncover 

Maniacal vision turns sober 

As you marvel at our melodious synergy

Enraptured i lie in the symphony…you created within me….❤️




The Burn…

Just a stick, ordinary and pale
Sea of lines, to the wind sway

Not a single out of place 

Not a single striking face 

A flash, a strike

Growing prick of light

A desire, a craving , a thirst alight 

Distinguished it steps out in the limelight

Oh that burning, steady and unassailable

Arise he will with triumph and dazzle 

A mark at the end he shall leave 

The burn created an extraordinary human being…




When the silver delicate twig

Which hangs your cheery heart 

Snaps into two halves 

Plummeting the red, with the terrible start

When the walls close in

And a heavy stone settles within

The world turns black onyx dark

Not a sliver of light, faded or stark

When eyes refuse to wake 

Mind churning soft snowflakes

Body made of iron and lead

Dead weight lying on the bed

Allow the grief to seep into every pore

Break against you like waves on a shore

Envelope you in a deathly embrace

Straighten into a body brace 

When the dark cannot get darker 

A pearl of light will grow sharper

Carry you out on clouds in flight 

Healing shadows which the heart blight 

Every grief has an eventual respite

Every good heart be saved from spite 

Till the light of day will follow the night 

Relief from anguish will have a hope bright 



Evening star evokes…

Yellow to orange to a darkening violet
Rising cool vapours, swallowing heat felt

Moths drawn to the sudden glow

Shoulders drop, sigh so slow

Breeze picks up…emotions still

Dying day respite brings

Beautiful evenings…so overwhelming

Limbs relax…soul stirring…

As the blaze quietens to a twinkly black

Fiery thoughts tamed to shadowy darts

Dusk merges self with its shadow

Mind at peace…happy sorrows… ❤️



Magnet ❤️

My little one had been playing with a pair of magnets all morning, courtsey a birthday party attended last evening (oh those lovely return gifts !). 

I finally showed her how adorable they looked on our otherwise staid and simple grey refrigerator. Imagine a little hedgehog and a miniature cherry tree on this silent tall (cold) sentry. I’m guessing my daughter pictured it so too. 

She then attempted (earnestly) to get me to play a new board game with her. However, hassled and harrowed with routine work, I refused and put it off to sometime later. 

An hour later, I was washing my hands at the basin when suddenly I feel her arms around my waist (she can reach there already !) with her lips on my skin. Astonished I asked her what she was doing. She looked at me, with those limpid chocolate eyes and says, “maa, my mouth is a magnet to your skin”…..

I still have goosebumps ! Picture this, dull, unspirited monotonous me and a little spirited, vivacious, adorable version stuck like a magnet to me.

I chucked my dreariness out of the window to indulge in an amusing little game with my enchanting magnet.

Time to find our magnets of love and excitement. Magnets who “magic wand” the pictures of our life. Even better, lets try and become one !


Arohi ✨

Fairy frail

Fairy tale of a fairy frail

Strong like the wind, lovely and pale

Wings fluttered love to tune

Innocent breath crooned to bloom

With time and adventures

Painted by the world’s textures

Her virgin soul exposed

Poetry turned to prose

Now her shades are pastels and peach

Thoughts emotions grey streaked

She is now but a mere reflection

Of the vibrant fairy of recollection….